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Welcome to caugraphicscaugraphics! This is a graphics journal owned by causettecausette. If you'd like to know what sort of icons and graphics I'll be making, check my list of interests, or browse the memories and my tags. See my Welcome Post for more details.

I used to own another graphic journal, caugraphscaugraphs but I decided that I rather wanted it to be a community instead of an actual journal. That's why I created caugraphics. A lot of my entries are still over at caugraphs and if you'd like to have a look at some of my older stuff, you can find it all in the memories there. Nothing new will be posted there, everything new is from now on posted in this community.

I am very slash-friendly so expect slashy posts!

All sexually explicit icons and graphics are posted LOCKED. You will need to JOIN the community to see those posts.

: : r u l e s : :

If you fancy my work and would like to use it, cool! Just please do the following:

[x] Leave a comment and tell me which icon(s) and/or banners you are taking. Commenting is the polite thing to do.

[x] For icons, credit caugraphicscaugraphics in keywords or icon-comments. For textures, give credit in your resource post.

[x] For Layouts & Friends Only banners, give me credit on your info page. You can credit either caugraphicscaugraphics or causettecausette.

[x] Textless icons and banners are not bases to be altered unless I say so in each post.

[x] This should go without saying, but don't take my work and redistribute it as your own! If you do that I will hunt you down and bully you until you drag your sorry ass away from LJ!

[x] Hotlinking is so 2004. Don't do it!

: : r e q u e s t s: :

No, I don't take requests. So don't ask.

: : r e s o u r c e s : :

All of the Brushes, Gradients and Textures that I use are credited in this post.

If you see me use something of yours and I don't give you credit for it, please email me and I will add you to the list :)

: : a w a r d s : :

Occasionally it happens that I take part in some graphic challenges. I don't do it nearly as often as I would like to. All the awards I've gotten can be found in this post.

: : a f f i l i a t e s : :

Affiliates post

If you would like to affiliate with me, either your graphic journal or graphic community, leave a comment to THIS POST and I'll add you :) I do not affiliate with general communities, only personal graphic ones.

: : c o m m u n i t i e s : :

Check out the communities that I moderate.

conchords_hboconchords_hbo lotr_blendslotr_blends tonlisttonlist spn_ficlistsspn_ficlists

I also post my slash stories at causlashcauslash :)

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