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Tutorial for Rotating layout headers - simple [Free & Paid]

I posted this as a locked entry in my journal a while ago but I thought I might post it open in my graphic journal.

Rotating layout headers

I have had several people ask me how I make layout headers rotate like I set up for several people, like causlash. I thought instead of always helping individuals, I could just set up instructions and y'all can just do it yourself *G*

Attention: I did not create this script. Do not credit me for it. All I did was write the tutorial for it. Though if you do use this, feel free to link back to this post on your info page so that others can do the rotation as well :-D

Special thanks to elli for finding this and elsmoka for telling me about it.

Attention2: Do not change the .php script because of copyright issues!


1. Start by right-click-saving this .zip file

2. Create a special folder for this within your host. Upload to this folder both the .php file (after you've extracted it from the .zip file) and all of the headers you want for the rotation. There is no limit for how many headers you want to have.
See Example

3. Where you would normally put the link to your header URL in your layout code, you instead put the URL to the .php rotation file in your folder.

4. Voila. Your header rotates =D I have seen this work with both Flexible Squares style and Component. I suppose this probably works with any styles that offers the option to have a header. Even if you haven't the faintest idea how to customize your layout, you always have the option of going to the Manage --> Customize --> Images and under Background image you can put the rotation.php URL. Make sure to not have it repeat. Note: if you have your layout set up by using a stylesheet or any other way, just put the link to the rotation wherever you would normally put the link to your header.

Put this post in your memories for later use.

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[EDIT] If you followed all the instructions, and the rotation didn't work, the most likely cause is your host. Make sure your host supports .php scripts!! A lot of free hosts don't. I myself use Dreamhost.

[EDIT 2] I am no longer answering questions or offering any additional help with this. The tutorial stands as it is, if you can't get it to work then maybe look for another rotating header tutorial because there are a bunch of them out there.
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