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Moodtheme news
SPN - Devil Sammy
causette wrote in caugraphics
Hi guys!

This is regarding my animated Supernatural moodtheme. Some of you who were using the moodtheme were linking directly to the moodtheme from my Photobucket account (which was perfectly allowed).

If so, you've probably noticed an ugly bandwidth image from Photobucket instead of your moodtheme picture.

That's because my Photobucket Pro account expired after I'd been paying for it for years. I've decided not to renew my Pro account.

I have re-uploaded the moodtheme to my personal server and you are welcome to link to the moodtheme from there if you don't have a place of your own to do so. Of course it would be best for you to upload it to your own account because then you can make sure something like this wont happen again.

If you want to fix your moodtheme problem, I'll directly you to the original moodtheme post HERE and you can scroll down to the EDIT 2 part where I explain how the new links work.

Sorry for the hassle! I just changed all the links for my moodtheme, both the colour one and the black and white and it didn't take all that long. Just a lot of pasting!

[EDIT July 5, 2012] I will no longer be offering free hosting for the moodtheme. You'll need to find a host of your own and change all the links to the moodtheme. You can download all the .gifs in the original post HERE.

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(Deleted comment)
I don't know how the scrap book works but you could maybe just try it with one and see if it will display for you.

The images seem to have disappeared from your personal server, any update on that? :)

Hi yeah, I've been meaning to fix that. I had some changes with my host and all the links changed. I am working right now on changing the links in the post to the new ones.

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