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118 SPN & JP icons
Caugraphics default
causette wrote in caugraphics
[84] Supernatural 4.14 icons
[34] Various Jared Padalecki, includes Friday the 13th (non-spoilery!)

As my friendslist is well aware of, I'm kinda madly deeply in love with episode 4.14 and especially Sam in it. I just can not get over how awesome this ep was! And Sam has never been prettier, imo! Which would explain why there are a LOT more Sam icons here than Dean. And please don't whine about the lack of Dean/Jensen icons in this post! This is Sam/Jared's time to shine. Dean and Jensen will get their fair share at another time ;-)

As for the emo goth photoshoot that Jared did for Friday the 13th... honestly, I just did it for the lulz ;-) Jared Padalecki... bringing emo back!

Hope y'all like this batch!! Took me a while to get it ready :)

# All graphics are sharable.
# Do not use them outside of LJ.
# Textless graphics are not bases.
# Do not edit any of these graphics.
# Nominations are LOVE!!
# Credit caugraphics for the icons in either the keywords or the comments!


I Can Has Large Batches?Collapse )

snagged banner and 116 & 118*grins*

I absolutely love them!
I'll be using some for sure :D

Eeeeee! These are so so pretty! I can't decide which to snag! You'll be credited for whatever icons I take though. :D

Thank you so much sweetie :)

Nice work! Snagged a bunch of icons and the banner. :D Thank you for making and sharing these! Sam's back is incredible! :O

Thank you so much :D

And I most definitely agree with you on Sam's back!! *fans self*

Beautiful. =) Snagging some Friday the 13th icons!!

Grabbed #20. :D

And I'm just wondering, the stuff with them and the green background and stuff? IS that an old thing, or a new thing? Can I like see the whole thing somewhere. I doubt it's like really long, but heh, it intrigued me and I was just wondering about that yeah. XD

It's from the CW fall 2008 promo. See it here.

These icons are stunning, i snagged a few , thank you

i was here!

and am snagging the banner for user info... and probably some icons too. pretty work.


*is a goo puddle*

I actually really love them all, but 93 caught my eye for some reason. Hm.

Saw it, loved it, will later snage some of it.

:0 *iz amazed*

Snagging a lot of your gorgeous icons!

Thank you so much sweetie :)

Totally FTW art and anims

These were fabulous! I snagged the banner to put on my page. Thanks!

Baby, these are AWESOME!


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