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Two Texture sets
SPN - Devil Sammy
causette wrote in caugraphics
[18] Huge textures
[14] Small textures
[07] Large gray textures

I dug around at work (I work in a records archive) and found bunch of stuff to scan that could work as textures. Some of the paper is as old as from the 17th century! :) I hope anyone can find any use for these.

Save individual ones. These are clickable thumbnails.
You can right-click and select save-link-as

Small (icon) sizes
These are smaller ones meant for icons. You just have to adjust the size so that it fits your icon.

In case you are not sure how to use these, I always set them on top of the graphic and set the layer to Multiply.

[x] Comments would be nice
[x] Crediting is optional
[x] Do not hotlink
[x] Do NOT post outside of Live Journal

[x] If you like what you see, take a moment and add my community to your viewing list =D
[x] Want to affiliate? Comment here.

oh wow these are wayy awesome!
thanks for sharing these :D
oh and a question, do you preter credit as causette or caugraphics?

Thank you :)

I don't really have a preference for which people credit, but I think it would probably be better to credit caugraphics because it would save people the extra step if they'd like to follow the credit to find the graphics, instead if they go first to my personal journal and then from there to my graphic community :)

these are lovely hon, you are so sweet for sharing. I've got photoshop on the other computer, I will of course credit if I use them.

These are wonderful. Thank you. :)

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Those are perfection!!! I always need this kind of gorgeous textures either for the arts of my vids, or my vids themselves!!! Thanks sweetie!!!!!! I'll add you to my resources!

Thank you so much baby!!

Thank you! These are just great. So versatile!


AWESOME! Took all and you are already credited on my ressources page;)

Amazing! the large ones are just what I've been looking for!

oh, wow! These are the best textures I've ever seen! They're giant, detailed and border-ific! I'm having a hard time explaining how much and why I love these... but just know that I do. :P

Thank you so much :D I've been looking for new textures like these for ages now and just decided to make my own :P

Amazing and snagged! Thank you!
However, what do you mean by "Do not post outside LiveJournal?

Thank you :)

However, what do you mean by "Do not post outside LiveJournal?

people can use these textures for whatever they want and post those graphics wherever. What I don't want though is for these textures to be reposted anywhere outside of LJ, like archived in any way. You know what I mean? I just spew flames whenever I see any of my graphics posted on messageboards, that's why I keep that rule in all of my posts.

Great textures. Thanks for sharing. I'll add you to my resource post.

Those are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

love the first ones. Taking for later :D

Your textures are love!!! U r a true flippin genius!
And hoorai 4 wallpaper-size goodies!!!

Thank you so much :D

These are awesome! Thank you! Do you have more textures available that are colored?

Thank you so much :)

These are only what I have so far. But who knows, I had fun doing these so maybe I'll make some more soon.


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