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Tutorial for Rotating layout headers - simple [Free & Paid]
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causette wrote in caugraphics
I posted this as a locked entry in my journal a while ago but I thought I might post it open in my graphic journal.

Rotating layout headers

I have had several people ask me how I make layout headers rotate like I set up for several people, like causlash. I thought instead of always helping individuals, I could just set up instructions and y'all can just do it yourself *G*

Attention: I did not create this script. Do not credit me for it. All I did was write the tutorial for it. Though if you do use this, feel free to link back to this post on your info page so that others can do the rotation as well :-D

Special thanks to elli for finding this and elsmoka for telling me about it.

Attention2: Do not change the .php script because of copyright issues!


1. Start by right-click-saving this .zip file

2. Create a special folder for this within your host. Upload to this folder both the .php file (after you've extracted it from the .zip file) and all of the headers you want for the rotation. There is no limit for how many headers you want to have.
See Example

3. Where you would normally put the link to your header URL in your layout code, you instead put the URL to the .php rotation file in your folder.

4. Voila. Your header rotates =D I have seen this work with both Flexible Squares style and Component. I suppose this probably works with any styles that offers the option to have a header. Even if you haven't the faintest idea how to customize your layout, you always have the option of going to the Manage --> Customize --> Images and under Background image you can put the rotation.php URL. Make sure to not have it repeat. Note: if you have your layout set up by using a stylesheet or any other way, just put the link to the rotation wherever you would normally put the link to your header.

Put this post in your memories for later use.

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[EDIT] If you followed all the instructions, and the rotation didn't work, the most likely cause is your host. Make sure your host supports .php scripts!! A lot of free hosts don't. I myself use Dreamhost.

[EDIT 2] I am no longer answering questions or offering any additional help with this. The tutorial stands as it is, if you can't get it to work then maybe look for another rotating header tutorial because there are a bunch of them out there.

I love you so much for this right now! I do! I feel this incredible urge to snog you silly! But I'll restrain myself, I promise! XD

oh come on!! Snog me! Snog me!! *pounces you*

very cool!

Might you know if there's a way to add friends b-days into a component?


you mean like, my birthday is on december 15th. And seeing as I'm on your friendslist, on december 15th, my user name would appear in a component that said something like, "Today's birthday is causette's!" ... or something like that?

Thank you so much, sweetheart!

Thank you so much for this! I managed to do it! I'm very new to all this stuff. I got stuck with my rotating headers also being my background for a few hours but finally realised I had the header .php in the wrong place entirely!

You've been great to write this out! *hugs*

Awesome that it worked for you!! Glad you were able to follow this! You are welcome =D

this is awesome!
added to my memories =]

You are the best. Seriously, the best. I'm going to have to try this as soon as I get a little time.

(Deleted comment)
Do you use an FTP program to upload files to your host? If so, all you do is right click on it and chose something like, "Create new directory" or something like that (might say new folder) and then give it a name and then you add all the banners or whatever to that folder, including the rotation file as well.

if you don't use an FTP program, then you should just look at the instructions or the "FAQ" or whatever. Your host probably has some demonstrations or some info you can read up about and there they must say how you create a new folder.

Not sure if you can help or not. But, I tried the rotating thing. I created a separate file on my server. I uploaded the rotate.php I after I unzipped it (it's about 5.41kb). I uploaded all the banners I wanted to the same file. However, I keep getting an error message. Any clue?

P.S. I did it all in FTP. Here is the link that should make it work.


hmn... I don't really know why it wouldn't work for you.

I tried downloading the .zip myself just now and I set it up in a new directory here,

there you can see how the pictures are all in the same folder as the rotation file. Then you just got to click on the .php file and you get the rotation,

If you did it exactly like that, then I have no idea what the problem could be. Maybe something to do with your host?

K I'm simple. I don't even know where to start. I'm so not internet/computer savy it's sickening! So I begin: eh host? I gather I can't upload this to lj!?

*hides red face in shame*

sweetie, if you don't know what a host is, then I think this is way over your head :-S The basis of this working is that you have a 'host', like a webspace that you most likely buy/pay for. It's probably far too much work for me to try and explain it to you.

Could you just tell me what you have planed on using this rotation for? Cause then I might come up with a solution for you.

So I get how to do this. But it seems my server doesn't like headers that are 900x325..says they are too big. *hangs head* Sucks majorly.

well that is just very very weird! Cause usually people have problems with their servers not being able to use .php files. I don't really see how the size of your banners should even be an issue for your server. My server certainly doesn't have a limit for image size.

This is awesome! I am completely exicited :)
It works like charm. I think I will be creating header for weeks to come *gg*

cool!! Have fun with it :D I know from personal experience that one can never have too many headers :P

You wouldn't happen to know if I'm able to use photobucket for this, would you?

nope, you can't use Photobucket for this because PB doesn't allow .PHP scripts to be uploaded and the banners and the .PHP script need to be in the same folder :-/

thank you for this tutorial sweetie ♥

I have a question and I hope you can help me =)

I uploaded the php and the png-files in my account.... I don´t know if supports php-scripts, but I could upload it.....
But when I put the URL-link in my css-code I still cannot see a header.....

Do you know it is about maybe don´t support php scripts?

just if you wanna look, here is the link to the folder:

thank you ♥

PS: sorry for my english, but I´m not so good at it =)

I'm pretty sure doesn't support php scripts. I can't be bothered to try and find info about it on their page but since the rotation isn't working for you, then it's most likely that they don't support it.

poo I don't have a host :(

this gives me sads

Wonderful script, it's working really well for me, and your tutorial certainly helped. ♥ Can I ask where you found the script (if you can still remember)?

I found it through elli. Glad it worked for you :D

do you have a host you'd recommend? i'm hunting around for one, but I don't know how to determine reliability.

I'd only want it really for this...

I use Dreamhost where I get a lot of space and bandwidth and cool features. But I also pay around $10 a month for it and a yearly fee. I use it for uploading mostly music and tv shows and stuff so I think it's worth it.

But to just host a few pictures on a rotation isn't really worth $10 a month! ;-)

I can't really think of anything else though. I'm just not familiar with anything that allows you to host .php scripts and not pay for it. My suggestion is to just ask your friendslist if someone is willing to host it for you. A rotation like this takes only a tiny tiny fraction of the space people have available and I'm sure someone is willing to do it for you.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Ahahahhahaha, oh dear, and I just let my hosting expire. ::facedesk:: Will save this for later, though. Thank you again! ♥

I once had for my own journal rotating FULL layouts. Like, each layout had different headers, different colours, everything different. And every time you'd refresh, there'd be a new layout. And I didn't need a host for that one. So I'm pretty sure there's a way of using rotating headers without having to have a host. Now if only it wasn't almost 2am because I really should be getting to bed. Otherwise I'd totally be on it like flies on shit. erm... :P Also, because you're a friend, I'd totally be willing to host your headers and rotation for you. I do it for a few people and it's not a problem at all. If you just email me the headers you want to use in the rotation, I'll set it up for you :)

oh this is brilliant! I will SO use this in the future! Just need to make myself some pretty headers, first ^^ thanks!

aoibhe sent me your way and I just wanted to say these look like really clear instructions so I can't wait to give it a go...when it's not two in the morning :D

Fanstastic. This is something i have tried - and failed - so many times. But this one is very easy. Hardest part was to find a free host support .php.
Thanks a lot!

HI! I just wanted to tell you that after procrastinating for months, I finally decided to try this. Your instruction were absolutely clear and easy to follow, so thank you so much!

I had to feel my way around because I don't know much about hosts and uploading files and the like, but I managed to find a free host and do this. so thank you! btw, if you'd like to link to it (or not!), my google fu gave me a liste of free PHP webhosting sites. I myself signed up for Free Hostia.

so thanks again!

hey, thanks a lot for that link :D

I'm glad it worked out for you!!

I just found this through another live journal and have no idea if you are still answering questions ;-)
I have a question about what kind of host to use. I have a Village Photos Account where I store my pics, but when I extracted the php thing and uploaded it to an album in Village Photos,nothing appears. It's not a pic, so it doesn't upload. When I double clicked on the php file itself, I get a pop up saying that Windows doesn't know how to open the file, so I need to pick something to open it, etc.
So, my question is this- by 'host', do you mean something other than just a photo host? I do have a paid account at Village Photos, so I have lots of storage, but the php doesn't seem to work there.

I'm really not sure what hosts you can use. I'm with Dreamhost myself but if you are just looking for something to host a .php file, then that might be a little bit overly expensive. Perhaps you can just google for a free host that supports php files. You could also browse through the comments to this post. I know people have come in a mentioned a host they used. You might be able to find one that way.

Thanks! This worked great.



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