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118 SPN & JP icons
Caugraphics default
causette wrote in caugraphics
[84] Supernatural 4.14 icons
[34] Various Jared Padalecki, includes Friday the 13th (non-spoilery!)

As my friendslist is well aware of, I'm kinda madly deeply in love with episode 4.14 and especially Sam in it. I just can not get over how awesome this ep was! And Sam has never been prettier, imo! Which would explain why there are a LOT more Sam icons here than Dean. And please don't whine about the lack of Dean/Jensen icons in this post! This is Sam/Jared's time to shine. Dean and Jensen will get their fair share at another time ;-)

As for the emo goth photoshoot that Jared did for Friday the 13th... honestly, I just did it for the lulz ;-) Jared Padalecki... bringing emo back!

Hope y'all like this batch!! Took me a while to get it ready :)

# All graphics are sharable.
# Do not use them outside of LJ.
# Textless graphics are not bases.
# Do not edit any of these graphics.
# Nominations are LOVE!!
# Credit caugraphics for the icons in either the keywords or the comments!


I Can Has Large Batches?Collapse )

You always make such wonderful graphics. I will snag some of these and give credit, but first must make a lengthy study to decide among this wealth of emo Sammy goodness. :-D

Thank you so much! :D :D

Snagging a bunch of these! Thank you!

These are totally, freakin' awesome! I'm so in love with #116!

Thanx a bunch!

Suck awesome icons!!! I snagged 64 and 67 but I will definitely credit you!!!

really great icons.
i took some and will credit if used.
thanks. :)

these are all really awesome!
snagged some :]

These are amazing! I shall surely DL and use!

BTW, 091 is the best use of those goth photoshoot pics for an con I have seen so far.

i was here, and my pc bearley survived xD

Beautiful icons, am snagging a few. Thanks so much!

Hi! Dropping a comment, because ... you asked nicely, and I know how it is to wonder who stops by, etc. I spotted a *Introducing... Jared Padalecki* icon somewhere, and ventured over here. EXCELLENT WORK, BTW. I WANT TO SNAG ALL OF THEM! (and maybe I will. :D)

Thank you so much :D :D

Saaaam! ♥
Great icons as usual. Snagging #117 and 118.

SNDreamer was ere!!!
Awesome !

I've been all over this community today! I forget why I originally came here but am quite happy I did. I have some icons from before I joined LJ which I never used. I have been searching 4 credits and a few were yours! I love what you do!
*watching* XD

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(Deleted comment)
Let me just say that it was very hard to choose just a few and then pick which ones to go with. LOL!
But I had fun staringdeciding.

These are great.

rel was here and snaked the supernautral animated banner. oh i love these!! do you do any other animations shows like, would you do roswell if i asked you to? or only supernatural?

Thank you so much!

I would consider doing animated banners for other shows that I watch, but not shows I've never seen (like Roswell, sorry).

Know you made this post quite a while ago, but what can I say, I'm slow .!.
Your icons are beautiful, yum, and your banner is hot.
Thank you for sharing !!
If I use any I'm comment

Thank you so much!! :D

I'm taking #114 (not a fan of the kiss on the leg, but OMG TUMMY ICON!). Will credit when used.

And I might have to come back for more....fater I clear out some icons. ;)

Snagged a few ;D


They rock :D

love the art! it's amazing.

Really love the icons, the colors you used were great.

Still thinking which one I'll take. ;)

Mmmm, yummy Jaredness! XD
*snatches* Thank you! <3

I LOVE your SPN icons! Snagging #8

85 to 95: No, Jared, just no D: I totally stole a few of these and will likely use one soon, haha.

adding another comment!

This freaking post is awesome!!!!


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