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118 SPN & JP icons
Caugraphics default
causette wrote in caugraphics
[84] Supernatural 4.14 icons
[34] Various Jared Padalecki, includes Friday the 13th (non-spoilery!)

As my friendslist is well aware of, I'm kinda madly deeply in love with episode 4.14 and especially Sam in it. I just can not get over how awesome this ep was! And Sam has never been prettier, imo! Which would explain why there are a LOT more Sam icons here than Dean. And please don't whine about the lack of Dean/Jensen icons in this post! This is Sam/Jared's time to shine. Dean and Jensen will get their fair share at another time ;-)

As for the emo goth photoshoot that Jared did for Friday the 13th... honestly, I just did it for the lulz ;-) Jared Padalecki... bringing emo back!

Hope y'all like this batch!! Took me a while to get it ready :)

# All graphics are sharable.
# Do not use them outside of LJ.
# Textless graphics are not bases.
# Do not edit any of these graphics.
# Nominations are LOVE!!
# Credit caugraphics for the icons in either the keywords or the comments!


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These are awesome :D

lol, thank you so much :D

Brilliant! I am mesmerized:)

Thank you so much!! :D

I... oh god, I'm NOT gonna take smudged-eyeliner-EMO-prince-Jared. I'm not, I'm-I can't-I... DAMN IT *grabs all* I can't believe you made me take eyeliner-of-doom icons, how dare you?

And I'm grabbing a load of the rest 'cos yes, Sam kinda broke my brain in this episode. Thanks :]

*snickers* I didn't like the emo pictures myself because of how they were too exposed and with insane contrast. But it was almost like a challenge for myself to see if I could turn them into usable icons ;-) Glad to see I succeeded! hehe.

Thank you so much :D

loved them grabbed a few will credit *hugs

OMG BABY!!! These are FANTASTIC!!! Seriously some of your best! I have no idea how I'm going to pick what to take! Obviously I need to delete some of my current icons to fit these in!!

You know I'll credit you. ♥


Thank you so much baby!!! I'm so happy you like them *glomps*

Jared icons! There has been a major lack of Jared icons (other than the premiere and goth pics). So, thanks for this post! These icons are awesome! You do such a wonderful job with coloring and cropping! I snagged quite a few of them!

love the icons! \o/ i took #67, will credit. :)

WOW! That's a lot of icons! And every one beautiful and perfect--just like the wonderful person who made them. *hugs*

*wibbles* Thank you so much sweetie! ♥

:P Love the work!!
I would have commented even if you hadnt ask for it cause I am definitly snagging a bunch of the icons :)

I usually dont comment when I am at work and dont take anything. I should though, cause it's always incredible :)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You do AMAZING work. I might snag a few of these, but I can't decided which ones. *bites nails* *checks remaining icon space*

nighthawk was here really like the banner snagged it

You made me so happy by making a Sam-centric graphics post &hearts I saved a bunch of them and Sam is so much my happy place and it's nice to see him getting some attention!

These are brilliant, thank you!! :-D

Nice! Snagged a few icons, will credit when I use, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your wonderful icons and banner. Will credit when used.


awesome icons,

going to nab a couple 118 def one, but tonight I think cos I have 5 minutes to get out of bed and out the door, sooooooooooo late for work.

Thank you so much sweetie :)

SAMMY!!! They are wonderful. I will pick a few - but I can't decide which right now.

I snagged quite a few 4.14 icons, and I especially liked 56, the zooming in on Sam's eye one. I am definitely using that! I like the way it references the shot from the episode where you close in on his face, but kind of simplifies it for an icon.

This batch is awesome, hon! Your animated icons are seriously FTW.

Took #48, 93, 110 & 111.

Thank youuuu!

thank you so much baby!! ♥

awesome artwork :)
im snagging some
will credit!

wow awesome icons Causette, will be back later to grab some, I can't make up my mind right now but I really need some pretty Jared.

Sweetie, this batch is absolutely amazing! ♥


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