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118 SPN & JP icons
Caugraphics default
causette wrote in caugraphics
[84] Supernatural 4.14 icons
[34] Various Jared Padalecki, includes Friday the 13th (non-spoilery!)

As my friendslist is well aware of, I'm kinda madly deeply in love with episode 4.14 and especially Sam in it. I just can not get over how awesome this ep was! And Sam has never been prettier, imo! Which would explain why there are a LOT more Sam icons here than Dean. And please don't whine about the lack of Dean/Jensen icons in this post! This is Sam/Jared's time to shine. Dean and Jensen will get their fair share at another time ;-)

As for the emo goth photoshoot that Jared did for Friday the 13th... honestly, I just did it for the lulz ;-) Jared Padalecki... bringing emo back!

Hope y'all like this batch!! Took me a while to get it ready :)

# All graphics are sharable.
# Do not use them outside of LJ.
# Textless graphics are not bases.
# Do not edit any of these graphics.
# Nominations are LOVE!!
# Credit caugraphics for the icons in either the keywords or the comments!


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I don't even know what icons to grab! Saaaaaam! :D

These are gorgeous :)

(Deleted comment)
I loved Sam in this episode too. Especially when he freaked out and threw the phone, SO GORGEOUS.

That was a frickin' hot scene!!

Which one, which one!?! *can't work under these conditions*


...At work, and thus could not actually take any of the icons because the comp in her net cafe is so dark she can only tell what half of them even ARE.

CLEX IS SAAAAAAAAAAAD! Clex is also going to try to remember to look at these on YAY NEW FIXED SAM, HMOG! when she gets home.

awesome icons)
don't have enough words to tell how I like them=))

Gorgeous batch of icons. Not taking any at the moment but may be back! Thanks for sharing.

Jared attack

so pretty darling
lovely! <3
oh and Robyn was here ;)

Thank you sweetie! *squishes*

Those are beyond awesome!!
Well you know this already. Especially because you're one of the most gorgeous icon maker in this fandom. But I wanted to write something more besides "Sweetgirl was here!" *gg*

awww thank you so much! *melts*

Have saved a few of the icons and will deffo credit when used, love the colouring on your icons, its always perfect.

Wow hun, these are so fantastic! I snagged a bunch! Great job! Your hard work is appreciated! <3

Lovely, great to have so much Sam/Jared! He is just such a tease, but so sexy with it!

i was here =D and i love the icons, they are amazing!!!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much sweetie!

You're the best at animations

Awwww *tacklegropes* Thank you so much! I really appreciate that :D

Jared was amazing in this episode! It's one of my favorites. Your icons and animations are wonderful!! Taking lots. :)

oh man I have missed your icons! :D :D :D

Hope this batch is satisfactory :P

These are beautiful, Jared looked particularly gorgeous in this episode. Put the boy in a shirt and tie and I am simply gone! I'd love them all but I'm settling for 56.

Thank you so much :D

I agree with you on Jared in a suit!! *flaily hands*

Amazing. All of them :D

Lovely icons! I'm going to snag a few of the Sam & Jared icons. ;)

love all the sam/jared icons!!! thank you <3


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