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118 SPN & JP icons
Caugraphics default
causette wrote in caugraphics
[84] Supernatural 4.14 icons
[34] Various Jared Padalecki, includes Friday the 13th (non-spoilery!)

As my friendslist is well aware of, I'm kinda madly deeply in love with episode 4.14 and especially Sam in it. I just can not get over how awesome this ep was! And Sam has never been prettier, imo! Which would explain why there are a LOT more Sam icons here than Dean. And please don't whine about the lack of Dean/Jensen icons in this post! This is Sam/Jared's time to shine. Dean and Jensen will get their fair share at another time ;-)

As for the emo goth photoshoot that Jared did for Friday the 13th... honestly, I just did it for the lulz ;-) Jared Padalecki... bringing emo back!

Hope y'all like this batch!! Took me a while to get it ready :)

# All graphics are sharable.
# Do not use them outside of LJ.
# Textless graphics are not bases.
# Do not edit any of these graphics.
# Nominations are LOVE!!
# Credit caugraphics for the icons in either the keywords or the comments!


I Can Has Large Batches?Collapse )

Saw it, loved it, will later snage some of it.

:0 *iz amazed*

Snagging a lot of your gorgeous icons!

Thank you so much sweetie :)

Totally FTW art and anims

These were fabulous! I snagged the banner to put on my page. Thanks!

Baby, these are AWESOME!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much :D :D

Bardicvoice was here, and really enjoyed #56, #82, and #112 for reasons she is currently unable to verbalize ... *grin* I also enjoyed a lot of your animations, although #68 was just too blinky for me.

Thank you so much :)

although #68 was just too blinky for me.

Which is why I made 69 and 70 as well. I kinda liked the blinky-ness of it though.

Oh man, I really love numbers 68 & 71. :)

Thank you so much sweetie :D

omg these are freaking awesome! :)
the banner - what's this vid? new promo? am i missing something?

Thank you so much :)

It's a fairly newish promo. From the CW fall 2008 promo, as seen here.

I am sooo gonna snagg a few icons and will
credit you!!
Thank you for sharing

Thank you so much baby!! *squishes*

Wow, very lovely icons, dear. Thanks for sharing! I saved a few. Will credit of course :-)

Thank you so much sweetie!

Ooooh, I love them. I've taken a few and will credit! ;)

Thank you baby!! Enjoy :D

wow great!! I snagged 112 and more.
This is very very awesome thanks :D

This has been the best batch of icons that we've seen from you *stares in awe* really, really like the non-animated icons (especially the crop) and the new effect that you used in the animated ones (blinking ones). Amazing job!! Adding this to our memories coz there is a lot that we want to save :D

Oh, and the lips on his waist on icon 114... genius! XD

wow brillant job! Emo!Jared is love a bit scary but love *g*

Cute icons! I like the Ft13 since I saw it yesterday.

Ooooh I love these! ^^ Might grab some later! <3

I love the "tease" one. I am going to have to re-re-watch this eposide. And maybe a few more times after that. ;) As always, your art is gorgeous.

Thank you so much sweetie :)

Lovely batch! I love 14 91 and 111 the most :)

Thank you so much :D :D

These are gorgeous, BB, snagging a whole bunch of them! <3

Thank you sweetie!! *squishes*

lissa_ann was here...and may be back later to take an icon or two. I need to make sure I have room, though, 'cause baseball season's starting and I need to make sure I have all the appropriate icons for that.

<<<<<<<<<3 for Sam/Jared. Although, I must admit (and I think I'm the only one)...the goth/eyeliner Jared doesn't do anything for me.

Thank you so much :D

I have to agree with you though, the goth pictures didn't really do it for me either. He just looked awkward! lol.

Oh my, so much beauty! I am loving all the Sam and Jared icons! I snagged a few, love the bringing emo back, lol. Also the Tease one - gulp, that is true, he's torturing us with those poses ;-) I also took the one from the red carpet where he is doing a sort of jazz hands, lol.
Thanks for the gorgeous work!

Thank you so much!

lol, jazz hands :P

I am blown away, your stuff is so fabulous.

Just. . .blown away!

Love, Robin

wow, thank you so much!! *beams*

I really like these! I am going to go through them again at home (with a better connection) and save a whole lot of them! And I'l def crdit when I use them! Thanks!!

Wow... These icons are amazing. I don't really like episode 4.14 that much, but only because the ending was quite heartbreaking. But Jared/Sam did indeed look better (if that's even possible) than usually.
And it's damn difficult to choose only one icon, so I'm snagging a lot. :)
And I also like #118, 'cause I love this promo.



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