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The Sandra K Hill Children's Foundation
SPN - Devil Sammy
causette wrote in caugraphics
There is a charity auction going on that I'm participating in and I wanted to advertise it here in case anyone is interested in a good cause :)

There are some amazing things available there! I know I'm going to bid on a few things!!

As for me, I am offering a few 'items' and if any of you are interested...

A) 1 full Supernatural-related LJ layout (of your choice: includes a header, all unique coding, icon to match the header and if you want, a friends only banner and an info page banner)

B) 1 Supernatural-related LJ layout header (of your choice, can be animated or not)

C) 5 animated Supernatural-related icons from the scenes of your choice

This is for an amazing cause and you can bet your butt that I'll do the most brilliant stuff I've ever done!! So bid! On me or any of the other stuff available. Y'all should check it out!!

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Thanks for the pimp, baby! :D

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